David Blankenship's Testimonials:

  • I’ve been training with Dave for almost 4 years now. During that time, I’ve grown as an athlete and developed confidence that has impacted every aspect of my life. Dave wants to know what your goals are and he will customize a plan to help you achieve them. He will also offer suggestions and challenge you to work toward things you never thought you could do! Whether you choose personal training, adult fitness classes, boot camp, etc., Dave will be there to encourage you and push you out of your comfort zone (which is where true learning and growth takes place)! You will find a welcoming community at DB4 filled with people who are willing to help you, answer your questions or join you for a partner workout. Dave organizes many special events and team opportunities that you can choose to join as well. Over the past few years, we have participated in Spartan races, 5K runs, charity/fundraising workouts and Hero workouts (just to name a few). I’m never bored and I love the mindset at our gym of continuous improvement when it comes to fitness and overall wellness. Dave truly cares about your progress and is there to celebrate with you when you meet a goal but perhaps more importantly, he’s there to check on you when things aren’t going well due to an illness or injury. When you join DB4, you’re not just joining another gym. You are joining a community that will be there to support you on your fitness journey. If you’re looking to transform your life, this is the place! Marie Cowgill, M.Ed, Newark, DE
  • Just wanted to tell you how valuable Dave is to me personally. He is smart, sensitive, and encouraging. When I struggle he makes me feel empowered. If it wasn't for him and his modifications when I injured my arm I would have given up. Dave always makes me feel accomplished even if my work isn't perfect and I always feel like I belong because of him. I know when I go to him with questions I am getting accurate information. The fact that he is willing to modify work so we can continue to strengthen our workout on a weekly basis keeps me motivated. Can't is not part of his vocabulary! I love his enthusiasm and the way he teaches our group to support one another. I would follow his class anywhere. In ways I am learning more than just a lifestyle I am learning the wonderful quality of acceptance. Dave accepts and genuinely likes all of us. We are a fabulous family because of him. Yvonne Goodie - Rising Sun, MD
  • I’ve always been athletic and enjoy fast paced sports. But after high school, I’ve been unable to find the regiment and accountability that being on a team gave me. I’m a sprinter, not a runner and weights terrify me. A gym is just not the place for me. I was skeptical about Crossfit but I have found that this is the “team” that I had been looking for. I am pushing myself harder and digging deeper during workouts than if I was at the gym and no one cared what I was doing. I crave the satisfaction and soreness of the workouts each week. Dave expects me to be there and goes out of his way to make time for workouts if I am unable to make it on the scheduled day/time. He is genuinely proud of me when I finish a workout and takes the time afterwards to reflect with me on how the it went. He listens when I’m frustrated with not being able to do the proper mechanics of a lift and has the patience and enthusiasm to keep working with me until I get it. My progress is important to him and he makes every workout a personal success story! Bridget Hayman, Newark, DE
  • 10 weeks ago I met Dave Blankenship, and through his words and actions working with my son, truly defined what being a great personal trainer means! My son has always been extremely athletic and I knew that one day the topic of strength/weight training would come up. Before my now 14 year old high school freshman started school, he told me and his mother that he didn't want to go out for the soccer team (a sport he had played for years), but that he wanted to concentrate on getting bigger, faster and stronger for basketball, and his first love...lacrosse. I was always hesitant to start my son on a weight training regiment because of many different reasons. I didn't feel that I was very educated on the benefits or drawbacks of starting teenagers on lifting weights. I also had this mental stigma of some meat head getting ahold of my son and pushing him so hard that he would get seriously injured. I knew that my son truly was committed to his plan and that I would need to start doing my homework. I spoke with a good friend who is a strength and conditioning coach for a high school football team in Pennsylvania, and he started to bring me up to speed on basic core strength, plyometrics, speed and agility exercises. At this point, I felt that I could at least distinguish between a good trainer and one from whom I should just turn and run. The very first week that Dave began to work with my son, he concentrated strictly on evaluating my son's capabilities and working on his form and flexibility. I remember Dave clearly saying to me, "your son's only homework this week is to drink lots of water and stretch." It was at that moment that I knew Dave was truly concerned about my son as a young man and not just as an aspiring athlete. This trend of individual attention has continued over the past 10 weeks. On one occasion, I received a call from my son to come and pick him up early from his workout. When I arrived at the club, Dave said that he was concerned about my son (who wasn't feeling well earlier in the day) because he seemed to be weaker then normal and having a hard time breathing. Rather then pushing my son through the lesson, Dave stopped him from continuing. It turned out that my son had an upper respiratory infection, and ended up on antibiotics. Don't get me wrong...Dave is no softy! He pushes my son at every session and consequently, we have seen incredible gains in my son's strength, flexibility, stamina and confidence! Having the opportunity for my son to work with Dave has been one of the best decisions I have made in the overall investment in my son's athletic growth! Thank you Dave!" Kevin Greene
  • I worked with David as a New Years Resolution and just like everyone else I "wanted to get in shape" and "slim down". However, I knew from the start David wouldn't be a traditional trainer, this was really his passion and he truly wants his clients to succeed. When I told him my goals he asked me what I really wanted to accomplish: strength, endurance, balance, toning, etc. After thinking about it for a few minutes I spewed off a laundry list of muscles I wanted to lift and sculpt, tone and tighten, strengthen and work on balance. I had made real goals and it was apparent from Day 1 that David genuinely wanted to help me achieve them. He understood I wasn't a running-on-the-treadmill type of person so for cardio we did everything from boxing to rowing. He really took time and catered my fitness routine to me and didn't just print some standard workout offline. In the month+ that I worked with him, I NEVER did the same routine twice. He kept it interesting and new which actually made me excited to go work out. He was also integrated into my fitness routine. From the warm up to the cool down stretch, he was right there with me to support and cheer me on as well a push me harder each minute. He was very encouraging yet never let me slack. If I had the opportunity I would work with him again in a heart beat. I suggest him for anyone! Any person who is new to fitness, people who feel like they are bored of their fitness routine, and people who really want to work one-on-one to meet their personal goals more efficiently could all benefit from working with David. Natalina A Smith-Newark, DE
  • With his alway positive attitude and great motivation skills, Dave is truly made to be a trainer. Dave is committed to your over all fitness. He is always aware of your fitness level and adjusts your workout to fit your abilities. I really enjoyed working with Dave! Susan Jolly, Newark, DE
  • I am an exercise snob! If a teacher doesn't captivate me I get my money back. Dave's class is non stop variety. It is high energy and jam pack with unique fitness activities.You hit every body part & before you know it 45 minutes has flown by. Best of all skills can easily be modified to fit your fitness level. It is a great workout! Kim Sentman, Elkton, MD